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Summer Camp on Lake Memphremagog

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Summer Camp on Lake Memphremagog

The bus depot was a chaos of parents, children, fishing rods, tennis rackets, and bewildered dogs dragged to see their young masters away. Mothers who had been awaiting the great day for weeks were suddenly stricken with a certainty that their babies would starve without them.

Leonard Cohen, The Favourite Game

It has been more than forty years since I last crammed my belongings into a trunk, said goodbye to my parents, and climbed on an old yellow bus bound for summer camp. From the time I was six until I turned sixteen, I went to assorted camps, including two on Lake MemphremagogCedar Lodge, a CGIT camp run by the United Church of Canada, and Monteregian Music Camp, a camp for Montreal music students that took over the grounds of Camp Arrowhead towards the end of August.

I have many, many memories of my camp days: skinny dips at dawn; last-minute scrambles to ready the tent or cabin for inspection; giggles and reprimands when underwear fell out of the folds of the Red Ensign at flag raising; marshmallows falling off the ends of green sticks into campfires; lineups for the "tuck" shop; ghost stories after lights out.

Louise Abbott

If you went to camp on Lake Memphremagog and would like to share memories or pictures of your experiences, please let us know:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Memphremagog Camp for Girls in Vale Perkins was one of several summer camps that once operated on Lake Memphremagog. If you know of anybody who went to Memphremagog Camp, Owl's Head Camp for Boys, Camp Arrowhead, Cedar Lodge or Monteregian Music Camp, perhaps you could tell them that  we'd love to hear from them!



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