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Welcome to Rural Route Communications

Studio Georgeville

 In 2008, Louise and Niels helped to establish an art gallery and cultural centre in a heritage building in Georgeville on the eastern shore of Lake Memphremagog. It is an artist-run space called  Studio Georgeville.  The Coopérative des Artistes de Georgeville members host art exhibitions, literary events, film screenings, and other cultural programs throughout the year. This photo by Louise shows Studio Georgeville during an event called Art and the Automobile in 2008.



Sculpture by Niels Jensen

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In addition to his work as photographer and co-producer with Rural Route Communications, Niels Jensen is a cabinetmaker. In the summer of 2010, he received a commission that was a departure from the fine furniture that he usually makes: he was called upon to sculpt an Inukshuk. He installed it over Labour Day weekend in his clients' garden outside of Georgeville.



Writing Workshops

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Louise Abbott offers writing workshops for elementary and secondary school students through the Writers at School program and for CEGEP students through the Writers in CEGEPs program. In March of 2010, for example, she worked with students at Champlain College and at the Bromptonville Secondary School. To find out about the content of her workshops, see  Writers at School and Writers in CEGEPs.

In the fall of 2010, Louise gave a workshop for the Quebec Writers' Federation (QWF) titled "The Art of the Profile: Defining Character in Non-Fiction."

Tuesdays, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. (October 5 to November 23)
 "He is tall, and has the wholesome good looks of the nice one in a boy band, with wide-set eyes, a trace of freckles, and dark spiky hair that, even by day, sometimes bears a dusting of the glittery makeup that he wears to certain performances."

Rebecca Mead on composer Nico Muhly, The New Yorker

The profile is a popular genre of non-fiction that can be as original and perceptive as the writer who pens it. It is most often interpreted as a biographical sketch—"a concise rendering of a life through anecdote, incident, interview, and description," as an anthology of New Yorker profiles explains. But the life portrayed need not be individual. It need not be human, either. A writer can produce a profile of a community, for example, or of a racehorse. What every profile has in common, however, is that it defines the character of the subject.

"The Art of the Profile" is a workshop designed for those who are motivated by an intense curiosity and a desire to produce fresh modes of expression in profile writing. Participants will gain an understanding of the elements of a profile and learn how to research and craft profiles of varying lengths. There will be in-class writing exercises, as well as handouts to be read between sessions.


Copyright Notice

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The text, photos, and videos posted to this site are all copyrighted.  Please see for contact information for reproduction rights. Thank you.

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